It has Life balance technology, support DevSleep mode

With the advancement of technology,it has change many people life including mine.As with new and better technology being created daily,people tend to demand more and wants the best technology which is available in the have change our life by making it more available and in the pass it took days for a letter to reach one home,but now we can use the internet to send a mails other out there,and within minutes the next party have receive the the past,it took days or even months to travel from one country to another.however,with the advance in technology,airplanes are being created,and they are also looking to ways in which to provide shorter flying distance and to carries more passengers on board the same plane.
although technology have bring conveniences to our life,but there is also disadvantage to more people are being con online,through fund transfer,and some cases which youngest are being cheated online through msn.and that a lot of people privacy are being expose online.words of mouth are also being spread,in a faster way in which we can believe in.