printed paper card web key

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How it works? Why use USB web key?

For using the USB web key, when you connect the USB web key to your PC or Mac, it will automatically start the browser used on the PC and MAC and load up the webpage that is preloaded on the USB web key. The web page it starts could be a company website home page, a competition page, a Facebook page or it could deep link to a particular product page on a web site. For example, if a company is launching a new product or make big disount on a product then they could distribute USB web keys in the shape of the product or printed up with details of the product and embed a web link to a landing page on the product – this landing page could supply details of the product, links to media files, links to prices and tech sheets and so on to allow the customer to follow further updates on the product.

Because the USB web key hasn't spare capacity in it and can't write any data in it in the end users, so very device is guaranteed to be virus free.