M.2 SSD, USB-C Interface

Product Description:

Model NO.:

1. Product Parameters


Model No.  M1
Master Controlling ModelASM1543
Quiescent Current85mA
Working current≤200mA
Typical Capacity 90%
Temperature Rangeworking temperature :0~70℃
Warranty Twelve(12) months limited warranty from date of purchase.
Weight 54.8g±1g
Humidity range 

Operating humidity range: Less than 75% RH

Storage humidity range: Less than 75% RH

PCM Port Definition






 2.Function test


ItemTest StandardJudge
M.2 PCBA testM.2 PCBA quality test
RDT testQuality test for flash
Activate card test

Write related FW information

The hardware identification of PID, vid, product information, vendor information, label name

Current testLED lamp working mode error, position error, luminous color error

Product capacity does not meet the requirements of the spec standard capacity

overused of the space, beyond the requirements of spec

Fatigue testDo read and write test repeatedly for a long time
Format test

The product can be formatted in the computer and has the corresponding capacity information.

Format default system type

Read/write speed

Reading and writing speed test

Reading and writing process test time can not be unusually slow or can not be tested, etc.

Loading testPC can BIOS recognition, partition, installed system, etc.
Operating systemWindows 10 Windows 8.1,Windows 7 (SP1),Windows XP Mac OS X v.10.7.x+,Linux v.2.6.x+
BrandASUS, gigabyte, MSI, etc.